Software Solutions for Offshore Industry

To serve with complete software solutions

 for deepwater drilling industry  


Ensures riser joints integrity among all contracted rigs with API S 53 compliance


All REMOS system elements put together gives overview of every aspect of managing riser joints. 


Downtime is predicted, alarmed and stopped in advance by actively analyzing and tracking running lists, top tensions, riser joint inspections and repairs. 


It ensures that riser joints are used efficiently and with right parameters for every well.  


REMOS is gathering all needed information regardless of Riser Management System used by the Contractor or their 3rd party, no modification is required. 


REMOS prevents accidents by stopping “weak links” to enter the riser string. 


REMOS prevents downtime by ensuring that all riser joints are usable all the time – no unwanted surprises. 


REMOS helps to achieve that BOP and riser joints are managed according to API S 53 


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