Software Solutions for Offshore Industry

To serve with complete software solutions

 for deepwater drilling industry  


1.     Analyzing theoretical wear and tear to help to manage marine riser joint overdue inspection period.  

If you want to know where you stand with your riser joints in regards your theoretical wear and tear you can use BRML Solutions service to assess automatically over the Internet simply by letting REMOS analyzing your collected running and pulling lists saved in any electronic way i.e. PDF, Word or Excel  


2.     Riser Joint efficient rotating strategy to ensure minimum wear and tear for all riser joints.  

REMOS will answer you how to rotate your riser joint in order to extend the life of equipment or its inspection interval. 


3.     Tracking location of the riser joint in water, on board and ashore. 

REMOS will help you if you wonder where your equipment is or at what stage of inspection is right now or how many problem shore side found with it during inspection you could implement  


4.     Tracking on daily bases riser inspection process on board and own or 3rd part riser joints inspection workshops and stores all relevant documentation. 

REMOS not only keeps the log of all activities around you riser joint but also stores all pictures taken by inspectors, service packs available online posted by 3rd party. You can compare picture from previous inspection automatically.  


5.     Providing a system which allows to “freeze” inspection time for riser joints stored ashore required by DNV – applicable only in Norwegian sector 

If you are operating in Norwegian waters you know you need to keep riser joints certification according to DNV classification. The rules are very rigid and with REMOS system you can “freeze” 5 yearly inspection intervals while riser joint are stored ashore. 


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